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Employer and Family Assistance Programme (EFAP):

Here at the Counselling Hub we understand that if you are running a business you want things to go as smoothly as possible.  Stress, anxiety and depression are some of the main causes of long-term absence from work with over 15.4 million working days lost in the U.K last year.

Our services can help your organisation support employers to resolve work or personal issues that are having a negative impact on their work, and therefore your business.  Doing everything you can to help your employees maintain good mental wellbeing isn’t just as a caring employers, it will also be great for your productivity too.

EFAP can help improve your employee’s individual productivity, attitude, co-operation and engagement.  Better mental well being in your employees will also lessen absenteeism and reduce the impact of disciplinary and grievance issues.

Services available:

  • Provision of one to one counselling for employee and family.
  • Workshops tailor-made to suit your organisation these include managing stress, working with anxiety, building self confidence and practical solutions to issues that employees are facing (for example bereavement, living with mental health conditions etc)
  • Presentation to managerial and/or staff about the counselling service.


Telephone: 01443 227990


Address: 83a Talbot Road, Talbot Green, CF72 9AE


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